CSI Private Detective Office, has been giving services to the people and foundations out of Turkey. You can benefit from all of our services and request any information about your subject within Turkey.

About our personal services:

General information about the person like marital status,criminal report, id card informations that helps you to get lots of information about the person(whether he/she married before or not ,or whether he/she is still married,has any children or not )

Additionally our services including, one to one surveillance and during the surveillance to certify the informations about the subject (photograph-video record).We can investigate the daily activities and friendship of your relatives,wife-husband or your boyfriend and prepare a report with the visual data. With this you have no doubt about the fidelity of your partner.

During our investigation we noticed that many foreigner woman has been victimized by Turkish men and this makes monatery and spiritual gone.

To investigate the person and to find out the all fact about them, helps you to avoid making a mistake.

The report, prepared by our specialist detectives, helps you to make a true decision.

What we need for investigation:



-a few photo of the person


-work adress

-if he has vehicle info

Generaly such an investigation comes to a conclusion in 10 days. In this period,the subject keeped under observation without any time limitation and at the end of the investigation period our report served with the obtained information.

If you are trying to get an property in Turkey please contact with us, we can give you the real cost of the property or the advantages or disadvantages of the property in that area.

Please contact with us about our services both personal and foundation also about any subject you would like to learn by mail or our contact number.

Payment Terms:

%70 of the payment will be taken in advance, the rest of it at the end of the investigation. We cannot give an exact price about the job before we learn what kind of an investigation you want.

After we learn about your topic, we can find out the best way to investigate and price for you.

Please contact with us 7/24 by e-mail.

[email protected]